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Your New One-Stop Shop for Time in Range

Updated: 9/5/23 3:29 pmPublished: 9/6/23 7:00 am
By Audree Hall

How will you thrive with time in range?The Time in Range Coalition has recently launched, a website dedicated to providing education and resources about time in range to healthcare professionals, caregivers, and people living with diabetes. 

Time in range is a metric that allows people with any kind of diabetes to see what percentage of the day their glucose levels are in range. Experts suggest 70-180 mg/dL as “in range” and encourage staying in that range for 70 percent or more each day. 

Using time in range as a management tool for people with diabetes has been shown to decrease complications, lower A1C, and empower people with diabetes to make informed, real-time decisions about their treatment, resulting in an overall positive impact on the lives of people with diabetes. 

For Linxi Myktolli, who’s lived with type 1 diabetes for three years, using a metric like time in range allows for flexibility in her day-to-day life. Myktolli was diagnosed with diabetes at age 25 during a stay at ICU after getting sick with COVID-19.

“Time in range gives me the ability to live my old life by allowing me to do things like dancing and playing competitive sports,” Myktolli said. “That allows me to not focus just on my numbers and having a perfect blood sugar, but on the things that give me joy and purpose in my life.”

The popularity of time in range as a diabetes metric is growing with healthcare professionals and people with diabetes. It was even included in the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) Standards of Care for 2023, although a large portion of people with diabetes are still unfamiliar with time in range due to barriers to education and access. 

This is why was created – as a place where people with diabetes and their loved ones as well as healthcare professionals can learn more. 

Dr. Thomas Grace, who is the medical director of the Blanchard Valley Diabetes Center and also lives with type 1 diabetes, uses time in range both for those in his care as well as himself. 

“Time in range is how I define my confidence,” he said. "For me, as a person with diabetes and as a clinician, it's the most important metric I'm looking at for people with diabetes.”

What is 

The new website was created by the Time in Range Coalition (TIRC) to provide easily accessible information to healthcare professionals as well as people living with diabetes or prediabetes. 

“The goal of is to give people the resources they need to feel empowered and informed to thrive on their journey with diabetes – because we know that when people use time in range, they’re living happier, healthier lives,” said Julie Heverly, senior director of the Time in Range Coalition.

The site is unique in its ability to answer the questions of those new to time in range as well as individuals who have experience using the metric every day. Resources on the website were compiled and consolidated from top diabetes organizations, researchers, and industry partners. 

Resources for people with diabetes 

Resources for healthcare professionals 

Along with helpful resources like video libraries and guides, the website also features a research hub with the latest news and research around time in range as a meaningful metric for diabetes management. 

Why was created?

In 2020, diaTribe launched the TIRC, a group of people with diabetes, worldwide diabetes experts, and key industry leaders with one goal in mind: increasing awareness and the adoption of time in range as a metric for daily diabetes management. 

The launch of is the result of years of working together with top diabetes researchers, clinicians, patient advocacy organizations, and thought leaders. 

“The site is a collaborative effort at creating a one-stop shop for everything time in range,” Heverly said. “The TIRC hopes it will become one of the leading time in range resources for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals.” will be continually updated with the latest diabetes news and research. You can join the community and get information sent straight to your inbox by signing up for the time in range newsletter.

Learn more about time in range here:

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