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Diabetes Technology Clinical Trials

Published: 11/13/23 4:11 pm
By April Hopcroft

A woman with diabetes wears a CGM as she journalsResearchers are investigating cutting-edge technologies, like enhanced CGM and AID systems, to optimize glucose control. These ongoing trials are currently recruiting participants.  

Advances in diabetes technology are at the forefront of better glucose management and improved health overall for people with diabetes.

Here are several trials recruiting participants to test new technologies, including continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and automated insulin delivery (AID) systems: 

1. WeightWatchers and CGM: New Trial Studies Using Both

Researchers are recruiting adults with both type 2 diabetes and obesity to test if the combination of WeightWatchers and CGM helps lower A1C. 

2. Join Ongoing Trials Investigating AID in Type 2 Diabetes

While AID systems have been shown to increase time in range in type 1 diabetes, less is known about the benefits in type 2 diabetes. Participate in studies evaluating Control-IQ, MiniMed 780G, and Omnipod 5 AID systems and shape the future of type 2 diabetes care. 

3. Can Mindfulness Support Diabetes Management?

Adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes will be enrolled in one of two virtual stress-intervention courses to measure changes in A1C, diabetes distress, and more.

4. Join a Trial Researching Virtual Support for Type 1 Diabetes

Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute is researching how to support people living with type 1 diabetes. Participants will receive money and personalized resources. 

More clinical trials to watch out for:

Learn more about type 2 diabetes research and technologies here:

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